Vinicius Jr. breaks down in tears over racist abuse incidents

Vinicius Jr. broke down in tears in Monday’s news conference over multiple racist abuse incidents directed towards him.


Vinicius Jr. in tears

The Real Madrid forward admitted he has “less and less will to play” football since arriving at Madrid more than five years ago.

“I’ve been here for a long time watching this, and I feel more and more sad,” Vinícius said. “I have less and less will to play. With each complaint made, I feel worse, but I have to appear here and show my face.

“I have asked for help from UEFA, FIFA, CONMEBOL, CBF — they can fight against that. The problem that exists in Spain is that racism is not a crime.”

Vinícius spoke ahead of Brazil’s international friendly against Spain, a game organized by the two federations to raise awareness of racism.

“I am sure that Spain is not a racist country, but there are many racists, and many of them are in the stadiums,” he said. “We have to change because many of them don’t know what racism is. At 23 years old, I have to teach many Spaniards what racism is.”

Fighting the good fight

Vinicius Jr. has been an advocate for fighting racial discrimination. Last year, the Vinícius Júnior law was passed in his hometown Brazil as a way to prevent racism at sporting events.

The 23-year-old, Brazil international said he only wants to live a normal life, but he will continue his fight against racism.

“Playing football is important, but the fight against racism is very important,” he said. “Let people of color have a normal life. If this were the case, I would go to my club’s games focused only on playing. The only thing I want is to continue playing and for everyone to have a normal life.”

“I think they have to talk less about everything I do wrong on the pitch, that of course I have to evolve and improve, but I’m only 23, and it’s a natural process. “I left Brazil very young and haven’t been able to learn many things. I’m studying. I’m 23, and I’m still studying. Why can’t they, the reporters here, who are older than me, study and see what’s really going on? I’m getting sadder and sadder. I feel less and less like playing. But I’m going to keep fighting.”

“Above all, I get [strength] from my family, from the fans, and from those people who give me messages of encouragement to continue fighting for those who need it.”