Top 10 La Liga Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2024

Top 10 La Liga clubs with the most fans in 2024, according to research on multiple channels from Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, and many more, with Real MadridBarcelona, and Atletico Madrid dominating the Spanish top-flight.

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In the ever-expanding realm of football fandom, supporters’ passion can be measured by the on-field triumphs and the sheer number of dedicated fans worldwide. As of 2024, let’s take a spirited look at the top 10 football clubs with the most fans, where loyalty knows no borders.


1. Real Madrid (372.75 M)

Real Madrid, the crown jewel of football royalty, reigns supreme with a staggering 372.75 million fans. A club synonymous with success, Los Blancos’s storied history boasts 35 La Liga titles and an unprecedented 14 trophies in the top-flight European club competition.

Real Madrid is the most followed club of La Liga
Real Madrid is the most followed club of La Liga

2. Barcelona (335.11 M)

The epitome of flair and finesse, Barcelona claims the second spot with an enviable 335.11 million fanbase. The Catalan side’s illustrious past includes 27 La Liga titles and 5-time sitting on the crowns of European triumphs, creating a legacy that resonates with football lovers worldwide.

3. Atletico Madrid (51.6 M)

Atletico Madrid, the underdog that consistently defies expectations, proudly sits at the third spot with 51.6 million fans. With a passionate following, Los Colchoneros has captured 11 La Liga titles and reached the UEFA Champions League final on three occasions, embodying the fighting spirit of true football aficionados.

Atletico Madrid is the third successful club of La Liga
Atletico Madrid is the third successful club of La Liga

4. Sevilla (16.28 M)

Sevilla, the team that continually punches above its weight, boasts 16.28 million fervent supporters. Renowned for their success in European competitions, Sevilla has clinched multiple UEFA Europa League titles, showcasing the club’s resilience and commitment to excellence.

5. Real Sociedad (13.13 M)

Real Sociedad, a team deeply ingrained in Basque culture, stands tall with 13.13 million fans. The club’s rich history includes two La Liga titles and an unwavering commitment to nurturing local talent, earning admiration far beyond Spain’s borders.

6. Real Betis (12.23 M)

Real Betis, the Green and Whites, exude passion with a fanbase of 12.23 million. With a storied past and an entertaining style of play, Real Betis has etched its name in football history, creating unforgettable moments for their dedicated supporters.

7. Valencia CF (11.27 M)

Valencia CF, known for its vibrant fanbase, proudly boasts 11.27 million followers. The club’s trophy cabinet includes six La Liga titles and multiple domestic and international honors, cementing its status as a football powerhouse.

8. Cádiz C.F. (9.52 M)

Cádiz C.F., the spirited team from the southern coast, captures hearts with 9.52 million fans. With a recent return to La Liga, Cádiz brings an exciting brand of football that resonates with supporters, fostering a growing and passionate fanbase.

9. Athletic Club (9.15 M)

Athletic Club, rooted in Basque tradition, stands strong with 9.15 million fans. The club’s unique policy of fielding only Basque players has not hindered its success, with numerous domestic and international achievements earning the loyalty of fans worldwide.

10. RC Celta (9.04 M)

RC Celta, the Vigo-based club, rounds out the top 10 with 9.04 million fans. Known for their attacking style and commitment to youth development, RC Celta has carved its niche in the hearts of football enthusiasts locally and internationally.

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