LaLiga BlackJack Pragmatic Play 

LaLiga BlackJack is an online casino game developed by Pragmatic Play that can only be played at M88 Mansion’s LaLiga Room. 

It plays out like your typical game of blackjack, where the objectives and rules are the same. In LaLiga Blackjack, players can bet on up to three hands, each of them being matched to the dealer’s draw. The best outcome is having all three hands win. 

To start the round, the player should place a bet on any of the three slots. Once they are satisfied with their wager, they click on Deal. After the cards are distributed, players are given options on what to do starting from the hand at the right. 

When all the actions are done, the dealer then reveals their hand and pays accordingly for any wins by the player. A new round starts when the player either rebets or places a new set of wagers.