Cancelo reveal family receiving death threats after UCL loss

Joao Cancelo revealed his family received death threats following Barcelona’s Champions League loss to Paris Saint-Germain.


Cancelo reveals family receiving death threats

Barca was axed from the quarter-finals after absorbing a 4-1 second leg loss to PSG.

The Portugal international said he received comments on Instagram ‘wishing death’ upon his unborn daughter.

“People say all sorts,” Cancelo said in an interview with ESPN.

“There are comments on Instagram wishing death upon my daughter who’s not even been born yet. They would not say it to me face, because we would have a problem, but in the comments they write what they want.”

“They’re offensive to my partner, my daughter, our unborn baby. It’s a cruel world and you have to know how to live with it. I know how to, but I just don’t know what to say anymore.”

“Wishing death upon a baby is really serious. People don’t think about the person behind the footballer they see on the television. We are humans, too. We are just the same.”

Cancelo received a lot of flak from his performance after Barca lost to PSG.

The veteran defender’s foul on former Barca player Ousmane Dembele allowed him to give PSG its third goal on the night via a penalty.

“Don’t speak about my family”

Cancelo, 29, said his family doesn’t need to be involved in their criticisms.

“Criticise my performances, I don’t mind. But don’t speak about my family,” Cancelo said, who is on loan from Manchester City.

“It has been a really difficult week to be honest. We were excited to go far in the Champions League. I think this club deserves it, but it’s a week we have to leave behind.”

“That night [after PSG] I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t. Personally, when I don’t win, I really struggle to sleep because I feel like I didn’t do my job [well], I didn’t do well.”

“I am just speaking for myself. It was a strange game. How we lost I think was what stopped me sleeping. I feel 11 vs. 11 we would have been able to win. But we have to keep going.”