Barcelona’s Araujo responds to Gundogan criticism

Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo responded to the criticism from his teammate Ilkay Gundogan after their exit in the Champions League vs PSG.


Araujo responds to Gundogan criticism

Gundogan criticized Araujo’s red card in the 29th minute, which ultimately became the turning point for Barca.

After taking a 1-0 lead in the first half, PSG mounted a 4-1 comeback to advance to the semi-finals, winning 6-4 on aggregate.

“If you don’t get it, and I don’t know if he did, you have to stay away,” said the veteran midfielder.

“I prefer to concede a goal there or to leave the striker one on one, even though he played the ball quite far ahead, so I don’t know if he would reach the ball. But let the goalkeeper have a chance to save us or even concede a goal.”

“To get a red card, to go a player down so early, it just kills the game.”

Araujo, who has been promoting a new book, responded to the German international’s comments about him.

“I prefer to keep it with myself what I think about those comments. I have my codes and values that I think you need to respect,” he said.

“I’m sad like all culers about the elimination, we had it in our hands. My expulsion is a fortuitous 50/50 play. If the foul is blown, obviously he has to send me off.”

When asked further if he’d spoken to Gundogan, he said: “I think I have already replied to that question.”

Araujo happy in Barcelona

Araujo apologized to the fans for Barcelona’s disappointing campaign in Champions League.

“We are so sorry. I’m so sorry. We are sad but we will try again next season. We will try again and give joy,” he said.

Amid the ongoing transfer talks, the Uruguay international insisted that he is happy in Barcelona.

“There is always talk about the future, every year it will be like this, but I am very happy in Barcelona, ​​my family is happy,” he said.

“I show it on the field by giving everything and I will fight for it to come back to be the usual Barça until the end.”