Bacelona remove Dani Alves’ legendary status

Barcelona have removed Dani Alves from its designation as a legendary player in the club’s lore as the Brazilian was found guilty of rape.


In the latest update, Alves, who joined Barca for €32.5 million as the third-most expensive defender of all-time at the time, was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison and would have to pay a $150,000 fine paid to the victim.

Barcelona removed Alves as club’s legend

Alves had a significantly successful football career and was dubbed the most decorated footballer in history.

He won the treble in his first season with the Catalan side and other identical titles in 2014/15.

However, Barca would now distance from the controversy surrounding Alves and remove the former full-backs from the list of iconic players who ever rocked the club’s kits.

The long list is comprised of more than 100 players; the most recent names joined are Jordi Alba, Gerrard Pique, and Sergio Busquets.

Barcelona removed Dani Alves' legend status
Barcelona removed Dani Alves’ legend status

Alves’ found guilty of rape allegation

The former Sevilla and Barca defender has been staying in prison since 2023 and spent multiple times in court trials in which he declared himself innocent.

The sexual assault case took more than a year to complete as on the 22nd of February 2024; a Barcelona court ruled that Alves was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in a Barcelona nightclub and sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

Alves in his second spell with the Catalan side Barcelona
Alves in his second spell with the Catalan side Barcelona

The Barcelona provincial court, where the trial was held earlier this month, said there was proof that the assault was not consensual, the court press office said in a statement Thursday.

“The sentence considers that it has been proven that the victim did not consent, and that there is evidence, in addition to the testimony of the plaintiff, to consider the rape proven,” the statement said.

According to sources, In the 61-page sentence, the three-judge panel wrote that they “considered proven that the accused abruptly grabbed the plaintiff, threw her to the floor, and prevented her from moving” to carry out the sexual assault.

The judges added that was “in spite of the plaintiff saying no, that she wanted to leave.”

The court also ordered Alves to pay the woman $162,700 (150,000 euros) in damages.

A lawyer for Alves, Inés Guardiola, told reporters outside the courthouse that the former Barca star would appeal the ruling.

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