The Wives or Girlfriends of Famous La Liga Players 2022

The Spanish top-flight has its elite collection of great players. And behind their on-pitch successes is the presence of their beloved halves that supported them from the stands. 

Here are wives or girlfriends of famous La Liga players 2022. 

1. Erika Choperena 

Atleti’s Antoine Griezmann found love in the Basque Country with the child psychologist with a fashion blogging for a sideline, as the French international first met her when he was then donning the blue and white stripes of Real Sociedad. 

They tied the knot in 2017 after six years of relationship and have a trio of kids that had the same birth date. 

2. Shakira 

Gerard Pique’s beau needs no further introduction because the Hips Don’t Lie about their bond. The Colombian pop superstar is a decade older than the Barcelona centre-half and have been together since 2011. 

Although they already have a family with their two sons, the pair have ruled out plans for a lifetime commitment. So Don’t Bother about the wedding bells. 

3. Sira Martinez 

Now this is an athletic power couple, who were together just recently. 

While Ferran Torres is looking to find the net for Barcelona, his girlfriend is jumping fences with her horse. 

And the catch? That equestrienne’s father happens to be Spain manager Luis Enrique. So good luck, Ferran. 

4. Emma Rhys-Jones 

Unlike the high-profile nature of Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, his wife kept hers under wraps. And that’s understandable given her family’s troubled history. 

However, she is ever loyal to the Wales skipper with them being together since high school. The former hairdresser now has three children, with their middle daughter Nava Valentina born during Bale’s third season at the Bernabeu. 

5. Raquel Mauri 

Ivan Rakitic’s love life consists of persistence and a cup of coffee. 

The Croatian met his future wife when she was working as a barista at a Sevilla hotel where he was staying in 2011 just before he signed with the La Liga giants. However, it was not an instant shot on target as he was rejected “20 or 30” times just for a date before Raquel gave in. 

And the rest is history. Two years later they were married, and now they have two children as the midfielder went to Barcelona before returning home to Andalusia.