Messi debuts as actor in TV series

The former player and Barcelona legend Lionel Messi is making his cameo in television series named “Los Protectores”.

Lots of famous footballers have joined the movie or TV series industry, such as Neymar in the xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and David Beckham in King Arthur: Legend of Sword,…

While many others chose the leader of branding ads, Messi may test his acting skill with one of the biggest TV series in Latin America: Lost Protectores.

Messi starring in tv series

The 7-time-winner of the Ballon d’Or is no stranger to cameras, as he has done various commercials during his career, from Pepsi, Lays’ potato, to Adidas – the brand for which Messi is the lifetime’s ambassador.

Who Messi will be playing?

The scenes in which Messi appears were shot. This is a cameo for the second season of ‘Los Protectores’, an Argentina drama, which has been attracting millions of views in Messi’s homeland.

It’s still to be confirmed the role that Messi’s playing and the importance of the character, as the scenes, have just finished a few days ago. However, it is properly marketed, as the PSG’s star’s images were shared by the producer.

When the audiences can watch Messi on TV?

It’s set to be on air in 2023, so Messi’s fans have to be patient. The series won’t show anything until the whole parts are finished.

FYI, ‘Los Protectores’ has IMDB’s 6.5/10 and is liked by 92% of Google users. So, it’s curious to see how it will be welcomed with Messi’s cameo.