La Liga x M88 Mansion – The Legends Asian Tour 2023 with Luis Garcia and Nacho Monreal

La Liga x M88 Mansion – The Legends Asian Tour 2023 with Luis Garcia and Nacho Monreal as in December, football fans in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam will have the chance to meet and greet former La Liga and Premier League stars.

The event was made possible by the partnership between La Liga and the leading Asian casino platform M88 Mansion.

The Legends Asian Tour 2023

Centered on the theme “For the Love of Football,” this tour is designed to bring European football closer to Asian fans. It will feature renowned footballers Luis Garcia and Nacho Monreal as LaLiga Ambassadors.


The week-long tour is scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Manila, aiming to provide football fans with an immersive experience. 

Luis Garcia is no stranger to La Liga fans, having scored screamers during his peak and winning elite titles. Nacho was a pivotal player at Arsenal and Real Sociedad, winning numerous trophies with the two sides.

Fans can meet and interact with these football legends through private dinners and meet-and-greet events.

Since 2020, M88 Mansion has been LaLiga’s official regional betting partner in Asia. The partnership has led to initiatives like LaLiga Ambassadors, LaLiga Experience, LaLiga Room, and meet-and-greet-in-watch parties, providing unique experiences to football fans. 

The Legends Asian Tour 2023 represents a continuation of the ongoing partnership, now in its fourth year, focusing on celebrating the global appeal of football. It emphasizes the sport’s capacity to unite diverse backgrounds. It includes a series of friendly matches, interactive sessions, and cultural exchanges in various cities.

M88 Mansion’s partnership with LaLiga underscores its commitment to enhancing the football experience for Asian fans, blending sports excitement with cultural exchanges.

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