La Liga announces new video system for every team

La Liga announces new video system which is powered by Microsoft to assist managers with tactical analysis while also help with the detection of injury for each league team.

According to the Spanish top league, there will be screens installed in each dugout for every team in the division.

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What does it mean

This follows on from the implementation of goal-line technology, VAR technology and the recent acknowledgement from the RFEF that FIFA’s semi-automatic offside technology.

La Liga installing new video system
La Liga installing new video system

Every team in La Liga will have a new screen in their dugout available to the coaching staff. The monitor is running a Mediacoach system, which is powered by Microsoft – the league technology partner since 2021.

The official announcement can be read below:

“The Video Review System (VRS) is a service that simultaneously provides a large portion of live video feeds from those used for broadcasting (TV production picture, master camera, close-up and tactical camera), via a Microsoft Surface Pro touchscreen device. The device also enables time-delayed playback to review a move immediately, zoom, looped replays for analysis of an action, multi-screen to view up to 4 different angles simultaneously, and other new playback controls. A multidisciplinary team of analysts and technicians will also be at the service of the clubs, both on the field and remotely, to resolve technical issues, in addition to the support provided by LaLiga’s Audiovisual and Match Directors departments.”

Video system functions

That monitor will be used for the following purposes.

  • Teams can review incidents swiftly whenever a player is injured, this can provide better views and details of the injuries’s cause
  • The system will also be available for the use of tactical analysis in real-time
  • Coaches can check refereeing decisions

When the screens are available, managers can speed up the process for for better check-ups.

While most sides will have video analysts and screens available to them, it may speed up the process for managers and coaches.

Microsoft has been playing important role in enhancing La Liga since the two joined forces two years ago.

Azure Event Hubs, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning provide data-enhanced match coverage, personalized OTT streaming options such as camera angle selection in matches.

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