FC Barcelona sporting director gets flak for ‘exhausted’ comment

Fans and critics were disappointed by comments made by FC Barcelona Sporting Director Deco on Monday.

Deco called for “a new direction” after Barcelona settled to a 3-3 draw against Granada on Sunday. The official called “to find someone” to bring change to the club and “move into a new paradigm.”

“Profound change is needed. There’s a method that’s exhausted,” Deco told Portuguese newspaper Nascer Do Sol on Monday.

The 46-year-old retired midfielder insisted that he has the same vision as Barcelona president Joan Laporta. However, some personalities do not agree with Deco’s views.

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Victor Font, Laporta’s main rival in the 2021 presidential election, has a different perspective regarding Deco’s comments.

“I guess Deco doesn’t think that, and it must be a misunderstanding,” Font said on X. “Because what needs change, and urgently because it is exhausted, is the management model.”

Barcelona manager Xavi refused to elaborate on Deco’s statement.

“It’s not what he communicates to me. I can’t say anything else. I don’t know,” the Spanish manager said.